How to unregister RHN (Red Hat Network)

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The RHN (Red Hat Network) is a service provided by Red Hat for receiving updates and support for your Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation. A RHEL copy can be added to RHN by executing the rhn_register command. If for some reason you want to unregister a machine from your RHN network login to RHN from select you system and click “Delete System” located on the top right.

It isn’t over yet because your computer still “thinks” it is a part of RHN network. To unregister the computer a file has to be removed. Login as root user and execute the following command

rm /etc/sysconfig/rhn/systemid

if you aren’t comfortable with the command line open a file browser with super user permissions (root) navigate to /etc/sysconfig/rhn and delete the file systemid. You can execute rhn_register to reregister that system in future.


    • Ben says

      Regarding subscription manager, only if you are using Red Hat Subscription Management as opposed to RHN Satellite. For RHEL5 subscription-manager will not be installed by default but can be via yum.

  1. Mateen says


    need help!

    how can i delete duplicated registered systems on satellite through command line,

    i know i can delete them from satellite GUI but i’m looking for command.

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