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How many times have you received comments on your WordPress site with Email IDs like, and Well I’ve received many such SPAM comments and even though Akismet does a good job on catching them why allow them in?

The current email validation methods only check for an @ and a dot(.) which is highly insufficient as 99% of spammers use syntactically valid emails.

Mailgun an email provider run by Rackspace created an email validation service which goes far deeper checking emails.

Features of Mailgun’s Email validation service

  •  Performs the usual email syntax check.
  •  Checks the existence of the email domain. So can’t escape.
  •  Checks if the email domain has a MX record. So is caught.
  •  Checks if the username complies with the grammar of its ESP (Email Service provider). Eg Gmail doesn’t allow usernames less than 6 characters and hyphens so and can’t get away.

Features of this plugin

  •  Integrates with the is_email() function of WordPress. So it works seamlessly with Contact Form 7, Jetpack/Grunion contact forms, WordPress registration form and any form which uses the is_email() function.
  •  Kicks spam before it is inserted into the database
  •  Ensures that the commenting process is uninterrupted even if Mailgun suffers a downtime
  •  Works completely transparent, nothing changes in the frontend


This plugin requires a Mailgun Public API Key which can be obtained through a free sign-up at Mailgun (No credit card required).

If you’re trying out this plugin on a local WAMP/LAMP/MAMP installation make sure your system is connected to the Internet for this plugin to contact Mailgun.


mailgun email validator admin page api
This options page can be accessed from Settings > Email Validation

mailgun email validator comment validation

mailgun email validator user registration validation
This is an invalid email because Gmail doesn’t allow hyphens.
mailgun email validator contact form validation
This is a contact form created using the Contact Form 7 plugin. This plugin validates any contact form which uses the is_email() function

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*This plugin is NOT a product of Mailgun